CT-25SDC Heavy Duty Dust Collector

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CT-25SDC Heavy Duty Dust Collector

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  • Excellent for collecting the larger chips which will drop into the garbage can before reaching the impeller.
  • The unique canister filter will filter out the remaining sawdust down to 5 microns.
  • With the cyclone effect fitting onto a standard garbage can there is no longer a need to dump the chips and dust from the collection bag to a disposable bag.
  • Simple set the garbage can on the curb with the lid to be emptied.
  • 55 gallon drums not included.
  • 1 micron filter bag as standard accessory.


Motor (TEFC) 5 HP (3.75 kw)
Blower Wheel / Fan 13" (330 mm)
Air Flow Capacity 3500 CFM
Static Pressure 16 in. H2O
Sound Rating@1 meter 90 dB
Hose Connection 1-Hose Outlet 9"
Hose Connection 1-Hose Inlet 4" x 4
Bag Diameter 23-5/8" (500mm)
Filter Bag Length (1 micron) 2510 mm
Plastic Bag Length 1000 mm
Collector Bag Capacity 50 gallon
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 1800 x 1250 x 3425 mm
Packing Size (L x W x H) 720 x 680 x 1035 mm
Net / Gross Weight / Cuft 131.4 / 152kg / 17.8'