North State GT635ARD Double Surface Planer

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North State GT635ARD Double Surface Planer

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Outstanding Features:

  • 1. The four table rollers provide superior feeding regardless of the type of wood being processed
  • 2. Standard start – delta motor starter
  • 3. Quick belt tension adjustment for the bottom cutter head
  • 4. Chain belt of fillings delivery is automatically motor-driven
  • 5. Automatic oil-filling system, which provides the convenience of the lubrication of conveying tracks
  • 6. The Table surface is hard chrome plated and precision ground for smooth performance and maximum wear resistance at high speeds
  • 7. The dovetailed slideways on the table elevation ensures stability and rigidity
  • 8. Both the top and bottom cutter heads can be fitted with spiral cutter heads (cutter heads are available upon request)
  • 9. Corregated, in-feed rollers

Standard Accessories:

  • 1. Simplified tool setting gauge with pneumatic wrench attached
  • 2. Hard chrome plated table
  • 3. Flat planing-knife can be replaced quickly
  • 4. Height-setting gauge for worktable roller


Maximum Width of Plane 635mm (25")
Maximum Height of Plane 200mm (8")
Maximum Thickness of Plane 10mm
Minimum Length of Plane 310mm
Number of Knives 164pcs
Knife Size TCT 14.6mmx14.6mmx2.54mm
Cutter Head Diameter 126mm
Cutter Head Speed 5000rpm
RPM of Stepless Variable Speed 7-20m/min
Caliber of Dust Collector 6"
Tabled Surface 27"x103"
Top Cutter Head Drive Motor 25hp
Bottom Cutter Head Drive Motor 20hp
Fccd Drive Motor 3hp
Table Elevation Motor 1/2hp
Machine Dimensions 2667x1245x1870mm
Net Weight 3000kg
Packing Dimensions 2767x1245x1870mm
Gross Weight 3500kg