North State SCM-120 Pneumatic Hollow Chisel Mortiser

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North State SCM-120 Pneumatic Hollow Chisel Mortiser

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Features / Advantages:

  • Pneumatic Power Stroke Head
  • Power stroke of head permits easy, fast and accurate successive cuts.
  • Separate fan blower to keep work clean and free from dust and chips.




Head Motor 1HP/2HP
Chisel range 1/4"~3/4"
Spindle speed 3,400RPM (1,700)
Table 16-3/4"~21-1/4"
Table Tilts 30°
Air pressure 8 kg
Clamping cylinder 63 mm
Head traveling cylinder 80 mm
Table Cross Traverse 5"
Table Longitudinal Traverse 18"
Table Vertical Traverse 12"
Head Drive Pneumatic
Maximum Stock Width 12"
Max Mortising Depth 4"
Net Weight 260 kg