North State CI-02 Automatic Twin Table Slot Mortiser

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North State CI-02 Automatic Twin Table Slot Mortiser

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  • Two tables built at both sides of the machine permits two operators working simultaneously. Production rate up to approximately 800 mortises per hour.
  • The machine can produce horizontal and beveled mortises.
  • Table feed forward speed is variable.
  • Cutter oscillation speed up 67~400 times per minute. Speed is adjustable.
  • Mortise length and depth are conveniently adjusted.
  • Mortise length adjustment mechanism has a mechanical digital readout.
  • Cutter-head traverses on precision bar , assuring maximum wear resistance, long service life and accuracy.
  • Equipped with a safety switch and a pressure switch for protection.




Hourly output 500~800 Slots
Slot width Max 100mm+Slot thickness
Slot thickness Max 30mm
Slot depth Max 80mm
Table horizontal axis inclination 0∘~-20∘
Vertical movement 0~100mm
Cutter rotation 9000rpm
Oscillation rate 67~400 stroke/min
Spindel motor 2.2KW(3HP)
Oscillation motor 0.37KW(0.5HP)
Net weight 450Kg